Steel floor decking is sheet metal (black or galvanized steel) are processed to replace shaped reinforced concrete pouring phase.

Application of steel floor decking


Floor decking with 2,3mm thickness from 0.6 ÷ popular and high waves is 50 ÷ 75mm.

Thickness of Steel Decking Floor depends on the distance two consecutive beams and work load.

When concrete floors using steel Floor Decking will not need to use scaffolding and anti-phase core as concrete floor. So fast execution time, reasonable price.

Advantages of Steel Decking Floor

– Not used to the scaffold, fast execution.
– Concrete surface cracking
– Cheaper construction costs.

Application of Steel Decking Floor

– Floors industrial steel structures
– Floors multi-tier architecture
– Use technology in shipbuilding
– The renovation and upgrade more stories

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