The attractions for the 2020 Connacht and Munster Championships are made, together with the pairing being the meeting with Cork and Kerry from the semi-final of the province.
The Kingdom and also Rebels met in the 2019 final, with Ronan McCarthys charges pushing their rivals. On precisely the side of the lure, theyve been kept for the next year, meaning that the major gun will drop out prior to the decider.
Kerry will be heading to get a consecutive title, but the stakes could be greater for Cork, as their qualification for the best tier championship could be on the line.
Clare will be pleased with the attraction having avoided Kerry for the first time as the Banner come up from Tipperary, since 2015. The winner of the game will confront Limerick or Waterford .
In Connacht, a showdown between Mayo and Roscommon is on the cards. 2019 winners Roscommon beat on the prices of James Horan en route to your own title, if they encounter through the quarters 32, and the 2 sides will meet again at the semi-finals.
Leitrim, while Roscommon confront the excursion to Ruislip to accept on London will be faced by mayo.
Galway will soon be heading Stateside to perform with New York, with the winner facing Sligo in the semi-finals.
Waterford vs Limerick
Clare vs Tipperary
Cork vs Kerry
Waterford/Limerick vs Clare/Tipperary
New York v Galway
London v Roscommon
Mayo v Leitrim
Sligo v New York/Galway
Mayo/Leitrim v London/Roscommon

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