With the growing development of enterprises, the need to build infrastructure, superstructure expand production increasing PRODECK has boosted production Deck Flooring Floor Decking in Hanoi to provide market for civil construction and industry.


Production, provide good price Deck floor in Hanoi


Our company specializes in manufacturing supply Deck Plate Floor Floor Decking black steel and galvanized steel. Steel floor plate (Steel Deck Decking pallet) is part of the texture of the concrete floor steel complex components include:


+ Grade in-situ concrete slab on steel (Steel Deck Decking pallets) and mesh fixation.

+ Panels steel (Steel Deck Decking pallets) acts as the bottom formwork for concrete floor system when wet.

+ Panels steel (Steel Deck Decking pallet) is made from black iron or galvanized sheets ÷ 2,4mm thickness 0,75mm square wave form with a height of 50 ÷ 75 mm.


Deck Flooring Floor Decking is used in construction of high-rise steel structure, civil and industrial construction.

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