Panels composite steel – concrete using cold forming corrugated shape is a combination of a corrugated shape and cold forming a slab of reinforced concrete panels with corrugated outer shape cold forming function of bearing steel reinforcement floor it also serves as a replacement formwork during construction.


Composite steel floor plate PRODECK


In the construction of tall buildings not only satisfy the requirements of architectural, engineering must also ensure time and minimum cost.

In Vietnam, this type of structure is not used much, but due to the advantages of the combined structure and the growth of our high-rise buildings, in the not too distant future, this type of structure will certainly widely used.

Integrated steel floor system – concrete using cold forming corrugated shape has many advantages in the process of construction and strength.

– Corrugated sheet formation in the cold forming composite steel floor system that acts as a permanent formwork of reinforced concrete floor poured in place; no need to remove the formwork erection and should have saved a lot of time and manpower construction.

– During the construction of corrugated shape cold forming, after the erection will immediately create a working platform with steel beams supporting the load, without using poles. So do not wait hiatus enough strength concrete and remove formwork, shoring up in the same time can be constructed in many different Platforms.

– Cold forming corrugated sheets bearing role as tensile reinforcement, thus reducing installation time manipulation reinforced floor.

– The shape of the corrugated wave shape allows the creation of cells resulting in the floor, the pipes can be combined and distributed in the depth of the box. This increases the effective height for each layer and reduce the height of the building.

– The cold form steel corrugated thin and lightweight, convenient for installation and transportation.

– Using the combined floor steel – concrete using cold forming corrugated shape capable of saving materials, significantly reducing the weight of the floor itself, and superstructures, leading to reduced load on the foundation.

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