The Kentucky Derby is a special event that occurs annually at Churchill Downs. Even the ones that aren’t horse racing fanatics fill likely to not only see but wager on this large event.
I found myself wondering exactly how much cash has been wagered. What I found was shocking, considering we are talking about Something Which lasts a mere two minutes.How Much was Wagered on the Kentucky Derby & Attendance This Year
Last year was another record breaking year for the total amount of money wagered on the Kentucky Derby. In 2018, there was $227.5 million stake on the entire race card by all-sources. Smashing the previous mark set only a year ago in 2017 of $209.2 million.
So far as the race , there was $149.9 million bet across all-sources. Another new record, beating the 2017 mark of $139.2 million.
While the cash bet reached new limitations, attendance numbers were down again. Only 157,813 showed up, but a lot of that was due to the bad states. While the amount of attendees was only down slightly from the 158,070 that attended 2017, it is a far cry from the 170,513 which were in the huge occasion in 2015.
I’ve put together a table which looks back at the gambling history. As you can see, the money intake on this has increased dramatically in the last two decades. There was only $140.4 million stake on the full card back in 2003 and that is about as far as what we now get on just the final race.
It’s important to remember that the numbers below don’t reflect the entire picture. The figures are just for the cash taken on North American racetracks.
It does not include figures from sportsbooks online or Las Vegas. It’s been reported that Vegas sportsbooks take in roughly an average of $33 million monthly. There average take home in May is approximately $11 million more at $44 million. In terms of the online publications, they were estimated to take in $26.8 million on the entire program in 2016. With around $16.6 million on the primary event.

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