After a hiatus of over two years in the sport, the UFC’s largest celebrity Conor McGregor is back in action, looking to recover his lightweight title out of undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 at vegas on October 6. The champ, Nurmagomedov, started as the betting favorite at -160 together with the challenger, McGregor, coming back since the +120 underdog.
Both of these warriors have a good deal of terrible blood coming from an altercation between Khabib and Conor’s buddy and teammate Artem Lobov earlier UFC 223 in New York in April. The highly anticipated fight is official and sportsbooks such as BetOnline have been accepting wagers with this upcoming bout.
The Way to wager McGregor vs Khabib
If it comes to betting for the first time, the odds you commonly hear are on the moneyline. While McGregor came back since the +120 underdog the opening moneyline had Khabib since the -160 favorite. Basically, moneyline is a fancy term for who is going to win.
However, what can -160 and +120 mean? Well, for the minus-money, you would need to bet that much to make $100 so in the instance of this scrap, you would bet $160 to make a gain of $100 for a total of $260. Betting on McGregor in +120 means that in case you wager $100, you could profit an extra $120 for a total of $220. On a smaller scale, for every dollar you wager on McGregor, you can profit $1.20, whereas you would need to bet $1.60 to profit $1 in the event that you wager on Khabib.
The cause of this can be oddsmakers give the edge to Khabib to win and they would like you to wager more for a smaller benefit. On the flip side, if you bet on Conor, who oddsmakers believe will lose, you can make more of a gain if he pulls off the upset.
So far this year when it has to do with underdogs vs favorites, the underdogs have won 36.1 percentage of fights, with the biggest upset by Paul Craig in +535 (for each dollar you wagered, you’d have gained $5.35) over Magomed Akalaev.
With the opening odds of -160 for Khabib and +120 for Conor, sportsbooks anticipate a close fight. For comparison, when Conor fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in last year’s superfight, the undefeated fighter opened at -800 with the UFC celebrity coming back in +500, which reveals a massive disparity plus a more lopsided view of this bout.

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