Sebastian Vettel believes Ferrari need to enhance agreat deal of small things if they will conquer a record-breaking Mercedes team over a season – asserting that the world champions are operating at a level that isquite close to perfection.
Following a generally strong Japanese GP, Mercedesve wrapped up a second Constructors Championship and also they now know they will be the first team in Formula 1 history to seal six consecutive double titles – with among Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas guaranteed to claim the drivers crown.
Historically it has been Ferrari who have put the bar in the sport but, although the Scuderia have been Mercedes challengers in the last 3 seasons, theyve failed to consistently coincide with the Silver Arrows.
While Vettel left a critical mistake at the start along with Charles Leclerc as Ferrari had a race car that was far slower than Mercedes sundays race in Suzuka provided yet another example of this.
It is very difficult, admitted Vettel, the four-time world champion, once asked about competing against Mercedes.
Clearly you can not see what they are doing but I think from the outside theyre quite close to perfection every time they head out on trail so very persistent, hardly any errors.
That is certainly also part of what makes them strong but yeah, in case you clinch the constructors title with four races to proceed there is a lot of things you do much better than others
Vettel included:If you enter detail then you can argue what their automobile is possibly doing much better than ours but I still dont think that is the point overall, it is a team effort.
I think we do have the components , we do possess the dedication , we do have the wisdom, but we only have to do it even better. Its a whole lot of little things; it is not one thing that we must improve, its a good deal of little things that we will need to do better, every single one of us and thats the only means that we may attempt to measure up.
Hopefully they get somewhat tired!
Mercedes 2019 victory was among their most impressive.
Ferrari were believed early-season favourites and have considerably more straight-line rate, even though Ferrari do have five qualifying rods in a row, but Mercedes won eight racess launching and therefore are still working at an extremely higher degree on Sundays.
Vettel finished second in Japan on Sunday, ahead of Hamilton however some distance behind race winner Bottas.
Well, obviously not satisfied with the fact that we didnt have the year that we were looking for but it is not now that made the distinction, not yesterdayand not last week, said Vettel since he reflected following the race.
Obviously its been a long year and its still moving so… I do not think were lacking anything. I think we simply should work. I think we are dedicated, working very hard but it is not yet. Mercedes have proven in the years that you can do and theyve been able to maintain that.
I think weve heard a good deal about our car, the weaknesses, weve improved it but were still not there … We have had a solid few races but I think were still a tiny bit behind.
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