The only con of this metal detector is that it is really heavy approximately around five pounds. metaldetectorshub This makes the search coil to penetrate deeper as compared to the other metal detectors.

Clear-Cut Metal Detector Systems – The Inside Track

The search coil of the Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector always needs to be in motion in order to detect the metals. The metal detector operates at a high frequency of 18KHz optimized for gold hunting.

The metal’s magnetic field makes it longer for the pulse to disappear. Pulse Induction technology uses a single coil as both receiver and transmitter. This interferes with the radio waves’ frequency that produces the audible tone. As electronic pulses pass through the coils, they generate radio waves picked up by a tiny receiver inside the control box. The instrument uses battery to produce a penetrating magnetic field in the ground.

When the magnetic field is placed over a metal object the current flows through the metal object and back into the detector activating the receiver coil. I always say your choice of metal detector is the best you can reasonably afford. Reviewers say the target reading depth accuracy is around 8 inches for small objects like coins but if you want to go deeper the machine is perfectly capable – though its target reading accuracy lessens.

We chose this range in an attempt to mimic what you would normally experience while detecting in the shallow water at the beach. For the depth test we wanted to test how accurately each detector could locate coins, relics and gold that were buried under the sand from between four and six inches deep. Discrimination: The discrimination feature on metal detectors is used to specify what objects you do and do not want your detector to locate.

This detector comes with an electronic pinpoint which allows for easy recovery, and it offers eight different levels of sensitivity depending on what types of ground conditions you are dealing with. Whether you are heading to the beach or searching for buried treasure at a local park, you want to make sure you are investing in a metal detector that is going to meet your expectations. Notch discrimination is another handy asset when metal detecting because it will eliminate most rubbish.

It is advisable that you consider a metal detector that can go really deep into the water. The metal detector is super versatile, and this means it is perfect for a wide range of applications. Well, with such a fairly large size and lightweight construction, expect the metal detector to be really easy to use. Given its price, this underwater metal detector is great for anyone on a budget but wants a top-notch gadget for detecting metals. Moreover, this underwater metal detector has a waterproof housing that can withstand wet, humid, and dusty environments.

This is because a detector that is not designed for saltwater is likely to give you false reading or, even worse, get damaged. So, if you plan to use yours to search for metals in saltwater, you must make sure that it is capable of delivering in saltwater.

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