Another week of sport betting at West Virginia produced another $6.5 million in total handle. Their activity have significantly improved significantly since sportsbooks have returned to the Mountain State.
This is the third week that WV sportsbooks have accepted that number of wagers. In general, the week of Oct. 5 marks the fifth consecutive week sportsbooks have obtained more than $6 million in bets.
Although this week improved upon the preceding week, the $6.6 million in wagers is just the 2nd most ever in WV.
More striking than the handle is the amount of revenue that has been generated. Sportsbooks gained more than $1.2 million in revenue, also the second-highest the country has ever noticed.
Its hard to ascertain just exactly how far the WVU Mountaineers reduction and failure to cover this week absolutely affected the earnings amounts. Obviously, if WVU does not cover the spread, so a good deal of gamblers likely lost their money to the sportsbook.
Despite competing for the entire match, the Mountaineers narrowly missing the week of Oct. 5 to the Texas Longhorns. Regrettably, lots of WVU backers are let by their reduction down as well.
Bettors have loads of chances to make up this , however, since the school football season proceeds with a full slate of games this weekend.
While Marshall will go south to play with with Florida Atlantic, the Mountaineers traveling to Oklahoma on Saturday. Both groups are listed as underdogs, as proceed for the season and then every will attempt to obtain a win.
This weeks record includes activity from Sept. 29 — Oct. 5 by those WV sportsbooks:
The following will be the key takeaways in the Oct. 5 characters:
It appears as though the handle may have hit a plateau, Though sportsbooks in the country are doing considerably better than they have at any point. There is not anything bad about accepting over $6 million but that amount has not improved all too recently.
The yield of internet sportsbooks during the football season has jolted the WV marketplace but its possible it might not go up much further.
In terms of earnings, it is clear that the WVU games have a strong influence on the numbers that are long term. By the week of Sept. 21, the Mountaineers covered in their win against Kansas. Sportsbooks made around $550,000.
Now this week, with a loss and also a Texas cover, sportsbooks gained over $1.2 million.
It seems clear that this will continue moving forward, although the WV sportsbooks may not enjoy using their fate being controlled by the Mountaineers games this much.
DraftKings and FanDuel appeared to have benefitted in the WVU loss, also. This week, they set new records.
DraftKings earned nearly $275,000 and FanDuel earned about $180,000. These are both brand new records for their sports gaming programs.
Here are the??most recent figures??released by the WV Lottery Commission because WV sports gambling revenue??monitoring began in August 2018:
Sports bettors in WV were active this past week. Total manage reached $6,610,950.70, a 2% increase from the week prior.
Revenue figures did even better. Sportsbooks earned $1,272,940.48, that will be 57% greater than the preceding week.
As the overall numbers for manage look similar to weeks past, so does the breakdown. Hollywood Casino led again in bets with more than $ 4 million.
Although it accepted over $4.3 million in manage, this is Hollywoods worst performance in a month.
The Greenbrier did while it didnt do that great. The Greenbrier landed in second once again to carry $ 1 million in wagers over.
The nearly $1.3 million that this week will be The Greenbriers highest documented handle ever.
The only active sportsbook without a mobile platform is Mountaineer Casino. Regardless of no online publication, $ 1 million was topped by Mountaineer. The sportsbook is doing a excellent job of getting people in the door to keep up with the online options in WV.
Heres the way the WV sportsbooks rank for manage:
Sportsbooks had a week for revenue. This is actually the second time in the previous five weeks which sportsbooks made around $1.2 million.
Hollywood led alone as well with over $ 1 million to earnings. It beat its earnings by roughly $400,000 from last week.
Part of the reason is its DraftKings app that is mobile. The online sportsbook accounted for almost $275,000 of Hollywood figure.
The Greenbrier set a new greatest for revenue to go together with its manage record. This is the first time that the resort has hit $200,000 in revenue.
Nearly all its revenue stream has come from the online sportsbook that is FanDuel. More than $180,000 arrived from its program.
Mountaineer ended in third with about just $60,000. That can be the worst earnings showing in seven months of actually really its sportsbook.
Although neither is opened for company, Wheeling Island and Mardi Gras Casino paid out some settled wagers. They lost a combined $2,200 per past week.
Heres the way the WV sportsbooks position for earnings that is weekly:
Betting on WVU football comes in full swing this weekend with WVU and Marshall taking to the field. Both are currently looking to notch their fourth win of 2019.
Here are the latest odds for college football week for the WVU Mountaineers and Marshall Thundering Herd.?? (Last updated on Oct. 17, 2019, together with current WVU soccer and Marshall chances ):
Chris Imperiale covers the internet casino businesses and sports gambling. He has a journalism degree from Rutgers University and was on staff at Bleacher Report.
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