The Bears defense ceased Green Bay to give Trubisky the ball back with yet another opportunity, but it was over.
Completed a short pass then sailed three shouts over his receivers’ heads to flip over the ball on downs.
This is exactly what the Bears drive graph appeared like: field goal, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, turnover on downs, punt, interception, turnover on downs. Trubisky completed the match 26 of 45, a 57.8% completion rate, together with 228 yards and the 1 turnover.
That calculates to a gloomy 5.1 yards per attempt on the match.
Trubisky also required five sacks on the evening. Factoring people in, Trubisky finished 26 moves on 50 pass calls, averaging 4.2 net yards per pass play. Woof. He also took multiple delay of game penalties.
It gets worse.
Remember that interception on the game’s pivotal play? Check the play out . It’s 10 and 2nd from the red zone that is Packers. A great wheel route runs, and the Bears are currently pushing having a chance to tie and beats against the protector. Watch the placement of this throw.
Davis is open on that play. That’s a touchdown, if Aaron Rodgers is on the field. Rodgers hits so do NFL quarterbacks, and that throw. Mitch Trubisky isn’t a great NFL quarterback.
He isn’t accurate on his throws and struggles to advance through his reads and correct mid-play in the event the read isn’t there. He continues to get troubles staring down his recipients, as he did on the interception.
And then there’s that Zoolander-esque narrative about Trubisky struggling to throw.
It wasn’t just passes to his left. Trubisky fought to strike anything downfield, with the majority of his moves coming on passes underneath the defense. Time later onto a pass downfield, the camera panned to some Bears receiver jumping futilely in the atmosphere in a ball sailing far over their heads.
Obviously, provided it was the very first game of this season on national tv with the whole world watching, the internet did not respond to Trubisky. While others appeared to take their fate Trubisky was defended by some Bears fans.
Neutrals were over Trubisky. That is year three to get the quarterback, and it’s a year. There are no excuses about being a rookie, nor on his very first year with a trainer or inside a system.
There’s Only a reminder about another men Trubisky was drafted with, who do not exactly Appear to need the Very Same excuses far:
Ouch. Nothing like taking Mitchell Trubisky in the ten selections right before Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Nevertheless, they did not only take him — they traded him up!
Okay, okay, enough piling on. Mitch Trubisky wasn’t great, but both as not great because he’s been matches before.
So what exactly does it mean what’s it mean for us, and to the Chicago Bears?
The Bears play the third-biggest market of the league, in Chicago, and they were 12–4 year, so they will have lots of televised matches. The game against Washington in two weeks is a Monday Night Football game.
The Raiders game in Week 5 is in London. There’s a Sunday night road game in November against the Rams, and then a road trip to Detroit. December features a Thursday night match against the Cowboys, and also a Sunday night game against the Chiefs.
The Bears are likely to be on national TV a good deal, so believe, in the event you believe the national media is going to stop talking about Trubisky anytime soon. This storyline ain’t going anywhere.
It is similar to Trubisky is playing because he feels a camera on him. But games tend to be with media attention and much more hype against leading competitions. That’s true for most of those games, and it means more pressure than ever on Trubisky.
Ah yes, the bottom line. How do we gain from all this as bettors?
Well, don’t start evaporating the Bears… yet. The public is currently going to win the branch. Chicago opened as the NFC North favorite but has fallen in Bovada to +200, behind the Packers.
If you are a Chicago believer, then these are odds that are better but in case you’re still a Bears believer, then you probably stopped reading this.
But bear in mind, the program softens for Chicago. It’s very easy to find them going to the bye in 4 and winning the next four games –1 because everyone assumes this team is back on track to win the branch.
Chicago will most likely be preferred again by there, and also the Green Bay or Minnesota (or Detroit!) Chances will be more usable then.
Before the betting lines catch up, at that stage, a 4 — 1 Bears team may be a great choice to start evaporating in games. Bear in mind, shortly after the bye, it’s Rivers Brees, and Wentz, so that. Chicago may be invisibly going in that stretch, so keep it in mind.
And keep an eye. Road trips to Denver and Washington the next two weeks are certain things. Denver’s defense should be great, and Broncos coach Vic Fangio will be prepared for Trubisky the previous two decades after practicing against him.
That may be a superb spot in case you are really out on Chicago to fade the Bears. Washington’s defense is strong and enjoying night, and we spotlighted Trubisky’s battles on nationwide TV. Either or both of those games may be losses also. You should think about evaporating the Bears.
There are places if you believe the Bears have a glass ceiling, you can still receive just a little edge here. Chicago is still the third favorite from the NFC to secure the 1-seed (+650), before teams like the Eagles (+750) and Packers (+900).
Even the Rams (+275) and Saints (+300) seem like slightly greater plays in the event the third favorite isn’t a true competitor. The Bears are fourth favorite to win the NFC and get into the Super Bowl. Again, there’s a slight benefit if you don’t think Trubisky can get this team to be played there.
Chicago has been -110 to miss the playoffs going into Thursday. You missed out on that one, however, you’ll have another opportunity this season when it reopens in Bovada.
Remember to keep an eye out on a 4–1 Bears team during that bye week.
As for different stakes? Well… not each bet is salvageable.
Ouch. Can’t win’em all. And can Mitch Trubisky.

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