Why I Love/Hate Darts Themed Playtech Arcade Game

Darts is a very popular pub sport but there are not many online slots based on it. But Playtech offers a fixed odds casino game based on darts in its Arcade Games section. The game is called Darts and is a quick and simple game, but exciting as well. You place one or more bets that have stated odds. Then a darts game is simulated on the screen by throwing three darts. If the darts land on areas covered by the bets you will receive the winnings. You can play it at online casinos like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.

When you load the game a dartboard is displayed on the screen, which is identical to the one used in the sport. It is divided into rings and colours. http://www.eastsussexartificialgrasscompany.com/8-funniest-tips-on-how-to-harbor-your-body-using/ You have to first understand the different types of bets on offer. The first bet pays when any of the three darts thrown hit a section of the dartboard covered by the bet. Then you have the dart combination bet. You bet on the darts hitting a particular combination a certain number of times, from zero to three. The combinations can be based on the colours of the different sections of the dart board or on the different rings. The payout of the bet depends on the difficulty of hitting the combination. Finally, each section of the dart board has a score and players can place a bet on the total score of all the darts. You have to bet on specified ranges and the bet will win if the actual score falls in that range. You can choose to see the odds in either the decimal format or fractions format. Playtech online casinos service players from many different countries and different formats are prevalent in different countries. The payout is the same in both cases.

Darts also includes an optional gamble game. If you win any of the bets in the main game, you have the option stake the payout in a gamble round. You play a similar dart game on a slightly different dartboard. The Playtech Arcade Games portfolio also includes a similar game called Jackpot Darts, which has a progressive jackpot. You first have to bet that all three darts will hit the bull’s eye and this event has to occur when the darts are thrown. There are compensatory fixed payouts of 20 times the bet if one dart hits the bull’s eye and 2,000 times the bet if two darts hit the bull’s eye.

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